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how can i teach my dog to fetch? Answered

i wana know how can i teach my dog how to fetch because most of the time she always running like dog gone mad and i never got a chance to play with her beause after all that runing around she tires out and i want my dad that i actully thought her a trick so yeah.


Can you get your dog to stop running around and come to you for a small treat?  Then you throw something for her, and reward her with a pat or treat if she brings it back.

 I checked the site Re-design suggested.  It seems to require joining.  I looked at the source code, and pulled out the instructions for you:

Find the reward that best motivates your dog to learn and stick with it. Work with your dog daily in 5 to 15 minute sessions. Keep training fun, and end sessions on a high note with reward for a job well done. If you feel yourself getting frustrated or tired, quit and try again later.

To teach your dog to fetch, start with the object he loves most. With your dog on a long leash, give your dog the command "sit." Take the object and toss it a small distance from the dog. Give the command, "fetch," and let your dog run after the toy. Once he has it in his mouth, gently draw him back to you by means of the lead. Show him a tasty food treat and give him the command, "release." It is very important that your pet give the object to you willingly.

To use that site you can click to close the window instead of joining,

thanks for solvin me question cyberpageman i think give ti a go i guess unless if they both eat the treats  first

try borrowing a book from the library or buying one at a book shop. plenty around that will help you

good suggestion maybe i shall give give that a try to.