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how can i use my PIR sensor to activate the radioshack sound recorder module? Answered

i know how to use my PIR sensor to alow power to something.... but now i already have power to my something and i need to to just act as a motion activated switch. im new to electronics and i need help. i also have an arduino.


Use your Arduino to connect the PIR to the recorder. You will need to open up the recorder and solder in a couple of extension wires to the record button. Between the Arduino and the recorder you will want to use a Transistor as a switch. Have the PIR feed 5V into the Arduino. When the arduino detects the 5V from the PIR it will activate the transistor like a switch starting the recorder. You may want to set a delay in there so the recorder will record for a pre set time when the sensor is tripped.

Read this article if you are not familiar with transistors or how to use one as a switch.

this seems right on and i really appreciate it but i want it to have it trip the playback button instead of the record. is it still the same? and the arduino as of right now is being used to set off an alarm if motion is detected (just putting that in there in case it helps you determine anything)

Yes its the same thing. Any and all features of the recorder/player can be used as long as you go in and solder wires where the buttons go on the unit and connect it to your arduino and program it right.

ok thankyou very much i appreciate your help i will go get one when i can and i will let you know if it works