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how can i use the camera out of my cell phone without having the phone? Answered

I would like to use a camera out of a cell phone that i already have taken apart and i want to no how to hook it up for use


You can't, really. The "camera" in a phone is just the CCD  photosensor. All the intelligence needed to set it up and read the data out of it is provided by the phone's processor. Yes, you could recreate all of that, but it would not be a quick or easy project even for an expert.

Do you know if it's possible to replace the photosensor of another device, say a webcam (for using with a PC), with that of a phone, I mean the one that we have taken out of the phone?

The camera is part of the phone, you can't practically take it out. If you did it would essentially mean taking out the parts that weren't needed for the camera, so it wouldn't be much different (except it wouldn't work as a phone).