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how can i watch tv on my computer for free? Answered


In Canada and the USA use project free TV, it is by far the easiest. Side-reel is another great one, but is mostly TV shows only. Ninja-video is a higher quality one, where you install a divx applet, it is all very user friendly. The beauty of the divx applet type one, are that they buffer and temporarily save the file to your temp folder. You can then go into your temp folder and copy this to another section of your computer and rename it. The you have it forever.

 hulu.com tv.com google free tv shows online

Agree with others on Hulu.com, but also go directly to the major network sites. Most of them let you watch their most popular shows right on their sites now.


8 years ago

Try Hulu. com

ya i watch Hulu alot its a good site try there

or youtube but that can be unreliable

You can buy VHF tuners to plug into your USB port for under $20, or some stations stream their content live.

However, in the UK,  if you watch TV programmes on the internet at the same time as they are being broadcast, you are required by law to have a TV licence for the household in which the PC resides.  If you only watch pre-recorded programmes (such as iPlayer), you do not require a license.

(One for parents to remind their student offspring of, there.)

Google "internet tv".  There are a bunch of places.  If you want to watch network shows some of the networks keep episodes online so you can catch up on what you missed.

Install a TV tuner card. They have HDTV cards now.