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how can you create an alarm to go off if you type in the wrong password as you log in either on XP/Vista? Answered



8 years ago

Create one? I don't know but I found a free software download that will sound an audible alarm if a wrong password is entered:
A word of caution, I've never used this software and I didn't do any research on it. If you decide to give it a try, be sure you properly research it for effectiveness and  bugs, then scan it for spyware, viruses and malware before you install it. Treat it as a hostile program until you are satisfied it will do no harm.

If you are good at programming, you could create a log-on program, embed that deeply into the startup functions so that it is very difficult to remove.  Have it start up every time XP starts.  If the wrong password is given then it gives the alarm and waits for you to come and hit your little brother up side the head.

If the right password is given it lets you in and waits until the next reboot.

The deeper it is hitdden in the startup system the harder it will be for someone to break it.

I don't know about "typing the wrong password" as Lemonie writes, that would take some doing, BUT if you simply wish to make sure you don't have the CAPS lock on it is not too difficult to have the system BEEP you when you turn it on or off.   Open  Control Panel,  open Accessibility Options  At the Keyboard Tab, at the bottom, tick the box for Use Toggle Keys.    Now, when you toggle Caps Lock on or off, you will get a distinctive Beep, or Boop, depending on whether it is on or off (the same goes for Number Lock).