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how can you send a signal wirelessly to make a light go from solid on to flashing? Answered

I am in need of a circuit that will transmit a signal from my brake light on my motorcycle to my led's on my helmet and make them flash for the time that i'm on the brake.


I think a Photo transistor which detects IR light can be used as a receiver and a simple 555 timer flasher can be used to flash the IR LED when the receiver will receive a flashing input it will make the output LED flash at the same rate.I have included both the schematics.


First step: Design a circuit which can go from solid on to flashing based on an input signal. (Might be easier to think of it as going from flashing to solid on when the signal isn't present.)

Second step: The transmitter/receiver to provide that signal.

that's exactly what i'm looking for, now i need help setting up the circuit.