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how come fishes eyes pop out? Answered

how come whenever your using live bait and you reel the bait back in the eyes on the bait fish are always bulging sometimes it will only be one eye sometimes both


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bajablueBest Answer (author)2012-07-11

It's a symptom of decompression, although recompression is likely a contributing factor with bait fish.

The gases in the swim bladder (used to regulate bouyancy) don't have time to adjust to the rapid ascent. The gases expand and inflate the fish from within, causing the eyes and sometimes other organs to pop out.

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iceng (author)bajablue2012-07-11

+1..... bajablue is very correct, this can happen to a scuba diver :-(

Is that a pic of a distorted Garibaldi ?


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bajablue (author)iceng2012-07-11

Hiya iceng... It looks to be some type of Rockfish... possibly a Yelloweye.

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