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how could I use the "cement wallet" instructable to support a bed? Answered

https://www.instructables.com/id/Cement-Wallet/  I was thinking that if bent the gloves into the right shape before pouring in the cement, and placed them into cinder blocks and held in place with more cement, they could be used as bed legs. if I were to use 8 blocks, with 2 hands each to hold up a queen sized bed, what would be the best way to reinforce them and prevent them from breaking and cracking? assuming that this could work. any advice on this project will be appreciated, thanks.


Could you just prop the bed up with normal wooden legs about a foot in from the edge, then just use these modified cement hands at the corners to make it look like they're holding it up? That way you needn't have any weight on them.

Or mold the hands around the leg itself, so that the leg is not visible at all, but still supports all the weight.


8 years ago

I can see a number of problems in trying to use the castings as structural supports, including placement of the reinforcement prior to casting and the concrete's inherent lack of tensile strength, especially at the wrist and fingers.
I would recommend that you consider casting the concrete around a sleeve, and let the casting serve merely as an outer decorative casing, through which a piece of steel pipe or angle iron would pass and serve as the actual structural support.
To add some strength to the cured concrete, a trick I learned from an old cement mason is to add yellow carpenter's glue (PVA) to the water, before mixing the concrete, in a 5 to 1 water to glue ratio.

the best way to re-enforce concrete is rebar, if you bent and welded it into the shape you want

then put glove on the rebar and pour your cement