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how could i make a circuit that? Answered

how could i make a circuit that if a ir  detector (such as one in wii mote) detected a ir led it beeped OR if a bluetooth device detected a bluetooth device with a specific name beeped


Making a basic  IR detector is pretty straightforward. Making it detect SPECIFIC devices a lot less so. Making a bluetooth receiver to detect a specific device is going to take a microcontroller, a receiver and deep understanding of the BT stack I suspect.

the ir detector just needs to detect Ir leds But it would help if it detected say leds flashing at a constant rate

In its simplest form, one of these things www.lynxmotion.com/Product.aspx could drive an LED to flash (stick a transistor on the ouput pin) when an IR remote is triggered. Most IR remotes modulate the signal at 38kHz, this means that they are not sensitve to other IR sources, so the LED should genuinely work only with an IR remote.