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how do I change the upload date for a youtube video after it has been uploaded? Answered

Hello everyone!
I wanted to know if there was any way to do this because I have a video that was originally made in 2012, but wasn't posted till 2014. I know you can set the original record date when you originally upload it, but there is already a bit of recognition on the video. Does anyone have a solution? Should I just take the video off youtube and repost it?



Best Answer 2 years ago

Not possible. You can edit the record date, add it to the description or title, or add annotations to the face of the video itself. Besides record date and upload date are understood to be two separate things. What is the compelling reason to have the upload date match the record date?

Great! How would I edit the record date? Thank you! (that was what I meant by upload date, but I forgot that was what it was called. Thanks)

In Youtube: Go to creator studio. Find the video on the dashboard or video manager and click Edit. There are three tabs under the small video display. Select Advanced Settings and you'll find the record date on the right hand column.

You could just edit the description to give the making date?

I already did that. Thanks, though :)

I guess that is the easiest solution re-post.