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how do I connect a propane stove and a lantern to a single 1lb propane cylinder? Answered

 I go bicycle touring so I am always trying to lighten my load.  Normally people use white gas or butane for hiking/biking but those are more expensive than propane and the fittings probably do not exist to do what I want.  I have a small lantern and stove.  I want to connect both to a 1lb propane tank with adapters and a "T".  This would be perfect for cooking in the dark.  Problem is I can't find the right adapters or know if they exist. 





Kinda ironic -  a "Mr. Heater Female Y adapter". 


8 years ago

Your probbaly going to need some line as well as the fitting unless you want your lamp right next to your stove, my point being that your not going to be saving all that much weight or bulk , especially for the $$ involved.... just my opinion...

.  Please be careful. Propane will explode at fairly low concentrations (2.2-9.5% in air by volume (link is a PDF)). Make sure you buy high-quality fittings (the ones that Burf links to appear to be good ones).