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how do I drill holes into glass? Answered

I want to drill very small holes in to old glass, How would i go about drill?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Short answer: ve-e-ery carefully :)

Longer, better answer:
  • Use the newest, sharpest drill bit you can find, diamond if possible (like the others said.)
  • Tape off both sides of the glass to minimize cracking around the drill hole.
  • Wear safety glasses. Glass bits in the eye is seriously unhappy stuff.
  • Also as others said, use water or drilling oil as a lubricant.
  • Go very slowly, applying as very little pressure as you can. Consider it a "slow race" - the Tortoise is going to win this one, not the Hare.

8 years ago

Carbide bits are the way, but be sure to get the right kind. There are two common kinds of carbide drills: masonry drills, made to use in a hammer drill, and "tile and glass" bits that have spear points. These are easier to start. It helps to use a variable-speed drill and start slow. As someone else mentioned, make sure you're not dealing with tempered glass, whlch will practically explode when you break the surface.

I use carbid drills and turpintine , I have yet to crack one...

And drill it under water so that there is cooling and it acts as lubrication.

I'll second this. If you're drilling something that's difficult to submerge then you can take some clay and make a wall around the area you want to drill and fill it with water. Go slowly and try to keep constant pressure. A drill press will help considerably. Make sure you're not drilling tempered glass, which is impossible to drill without shattering. Tempered glass is often used in modern glass furniture and in car side windows. House windows, mirrors, picture frames, cabinet glass, car windshields, most fish tanks, etc are regular glass.

Depending on how small a hole you want to make -- and depending on the glass -- a metal bit specifically made for glass and ceramics might also do the job. These are often available at hardware stores. But the diamond bit, used properly, will probably do a cleaner job.