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how do I fix a sound problem on my computer? Answered

i have a problem with the sound on my computer. it does work, only...I can only hear the music. in games, videos, music, etc. I can hear the background 'instrumental' music, but the voices are really quiet. I can't really hear what's said. what can the solution be?


M. Gyver

Best Answer 8 years ago

You may want to check the speakers you're using. I've had headphone that got damaged, and then they acted just the way you describe. Voice was quiet or missing, music was fine.

Another possibility could be an equalizer. If you have one on your machine you'll likely find it in the same place as the volume control seandogue mentioned. You may be able to adjust the sliders to fix your issue.

the speakers are (as far as i know) undamaged, however, my computer does not recognize the speakers as 'speakers' anymore, but as 'stereo-line in'. and i still have the problem with headphones. i did check the equalizer, but it does not help.

hhm is it specific to one game? or is this true for all of them? could try updating the sound driver

it is the sound in general, it is not restricted to one game.

try a sound driver update what type of card are you using? or is it integrated audio?

apparently, none of these solutions seem to work. well, at least, i can thank you all for trying...

Like sean is saying: down the bottom right (Windows assumed) by the clock should be a grey speaker (says "Volume" on a mouse-hover. Open that up. You might need to use Options>Properties to show all the channels.
I think he's probably right on the explanation.