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how do I get google play apps on my android inspire 4g? Answered

I would like to know so I can get games and stuff


have you put a new rom in it?

like I said in your first question on the subject, you look at something like cyanogenmod and learn how to.

which version do I get my phone is HTC inspire 4g if you didnt already know

You want the version that suits your HTC inspire 4g. I'm guessing Cmod 10.1. I'm not going to give you a link, because YOU need to read and understand the process of flashing a new ROM first.

1.) You HAVE to be "root" to do the mod.
2.) You HAVE to flash a "recovery" partition.
3.) You HAVE to flash CMOD and then
4.) You HAVE to flash google apps.

...all in that order

maybe I will just go to AT&T and get my phone updated hopefully they can update it and get my mobile network working

I have never heard of it but I will look into it.