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how do I get my boyfriends mom to like me? Answered



Depends on WHY she doesn't like you. If you are stealing her baby or aren't good enough or you picked the wrong parents to be born to, there isn't anything you can do. If it's your past or what she believes is you past, you might be able to change her mind, but it's unlikely. What makes you think she doesn't like you, or why wouldn't she like you?

Just the fact that you're concerned what she thinks of you is a good sign.

Be extra polite. "Yes ma'am", "No ma'am", and "Hello Mrs. Smith!", not "Yup", "uh-uh", or "Hey Christy, did I see you at that keg party last week?" If she wants to be on a first-name basis, she'll tell you so. Most especially, don't argue with her about what's best for her son.

I would suggest dressing conservatively around her. What is conservative enough? At least as concealing as what she usually wears. Make sure, too, she never thinks you are going to be alone in a dark place with her son.

Also, it couldn't hurt to do some nice things for her now and then. Bring over a pan of brownies. Ask if she needs you to pick up a gallon of milk for her while you're at the store. Compliment her cooking or taste in clothing. Ask about her work or hobbies if she seems open to discussing them. If she is Christian, send an Easter card.

umm be polite, use manners when eating, umm i dont really know haha