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how do I get the interenet wirelessly Answered

hi i'm wanting the internet but can't afford it right now and I pick up wireless networks around me but they are secured is there anyway possible i can't boost signal or somehow get in through my neighbors



5 years ago

Well you have few options, here they are:
  • Get a wireless card that has at least couple of WATTS of output power. Alfa AWUS036NH would work just fine and it has 2Watt output. The stock antennas are usually very small so you will need to get RP-SMA Male To 2 RP-SMA Female T-Type splitter. Now you have 2 RP-SMA connectors, so get two of 2.4 G 2.4GHZ 20DBI WIRELESS WIFI ANTENNAS and now you got really good reception. 

  • Get the Alfa AWUS036NH. Then get a 2.4 GHz Parabolic Directional Grid Antenna. That way if you have some organization that provides free WiFi public access you will be able to connect to them without violating any laws! 
  • Get an actual amplifier "2.4 ghz WiFi amplifier 10 watt". It is very expensive and illegal in a lot of the countries but if you live in the apartment building then a lot of the times even a strongest signals cant come through the concrete walls. So you could get away and just have enough strength to broadcast to the nearest Tim Hortons location :-)
  • Build an amplifier your self. http://www.qsl.net/n9zia/wireless/appendixD.html is a very nice site with the schematics for it! 

what do you mean how did i post it

Well, tyou said you have no internet. posting on Ible's requires internet. Therefore, no internet means no post.

FYI, using your neighbor's Wi-Fi signal without there knowledge is steeling and is illegal in many countries. If you want free internet you'll have to go to a business that offers free Wi-Fi and sit there to have internet access. You can build a better antenna to help pick up signals from farther away but if you are not close enough to any free wi-fi then you're out of luck. But most buisnesses keep there Wi-Fi somewhat locked down. The Wi-Fi is free but you'll have to get a pass code from the checkout counter in order to use the internet.

You may want to talk to your neighbor and see if they would be willing to share there wireless with you.

No help with stealing someone's access after all they pay for it - Usually libraries will have free access - just not as convenient.

Or an internet cafe where you pay for access by the time you use.

I don't know where you are, but have you tried going for a walk?

Walking down the street here in San Francisco, there are so many companies broadcasting free wifi - burger joints, coffee shops, malls - that I can stay online with my iPod and no smart phone.

If you feel guilty about using the free wifi, you can sit inside with a coffee, but otherwise you just pause outside to get updated, then walk on.