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how do I install quake 3 on wheezy on raspberry pi? Answered

I have been trying to put this on my pi for an few hours now :( no luck. can anyone assist me in getting it to work or helping me by showing me a few websites that I could go to make it less intimidating


Looking around, it looks like people are having all sorts of problems getting Quake to run on the Pi, so if I was you I'd forget it and go for Open Arena instead, which you can get free from the Pi store.  It's very much based on Quake 3 but has been tweaked to run on the Pi.

I typed in: sudo apt-get install openarena
it is downloading as we speak

my pi store doesn't let me log in to download stuff: HTTP Status 404 - INF/view/jsp/default/ui/casClientLoginView.jsp

Try this :-

First, get your system up to date :

sudo apt-get install rpi-update
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Then install Quake :

sudo apt-get install quake3

Nah - forget that; It's not that easy.
It looks like you have to download the maps as well and recompile the game on your system. Googling around, there seem to be several ways of doing this, all pretty fiddly.

I tried making it work but I couldn't download the source cod I tried something different but it didn't work

You may have trouble finding the drivers you need to install the Linux version of Quake 3 on the Pi. But google it and check out the many forum topics regarding 'installing quake 3 linux'.

I had been googleing it but I was still unsure because I kept finding it for raspbian but not for wheezy

You probably won't find specifics for Wheezy. So you'll need to look through he different tricks used on the different versions of Linux and try everything you can. In the end it may not work at all.

While Quake 3 is an older game the Pi doesn't exactly boast the kind of hardware that can give you a decent gaming experience. Particularly the graphics side will be the biggest limiting factor.