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how do I make a light up power socket? Answered

I need a method for including a light in a socket so that it turns on when there is a current running through it, anybody know how this can be done>?


You can see my projects. They are very simple, but well researched. Hope they help...


Can you be more specific? A socket is generally for light bulbs. A recepticle or outlet is for things to plug into.

What do you want to light up exactly, and when - when there's power applied, or only when something is drawing power from the 'socket'?

oh im sorry i realise my mistake, I mean on a UK mains outlet... I would love to light an LED (or other light source) as current is drawn from the outlet

You could vampire some power from the line by wrapping fine insulated wire around the insulated neutral wire (uk has 2-phase- 2 hot, and 1 neutral wire - to the best of my knowledge). The movement of current thru the neutral wire would induce a current in the coiled wire, giving you hopefully enough to light a small led. It's TINY how much power you could get though. Putting it on the neutral wire means it only glows as much as the current flowing thru it.

That sounds like a good way to do it, if only the tiny amount of current could run an LED. Im going to try that! is there a way of stepping up the power that is given thru "vampiring" the neutral wire?thank you frollard!

either more wraps (higher voltage, proportional to wraps), and an amplification circuit (not sure how that would work off top of my head (a very low signal level transistor could boost the signal)

. I'm curious to see what you come up with. I can see in my mind how to do it when there is no current, but I keep running into a relay (and or a CT) trying to get it to light only with current flow.
. Would a neon in series do it?

yea maybe i understand that?with no current the light would take the power, then when another appliance is in the socket it would take the energy...some sort of resistor to reverse this?I havent looked at neon at all just because in my mind it is a very intense light source.

. I was thinking of a small neon bulb, like in a wall light switch.