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how do I order parts .? Answered




Either call the company that sells those parts you're looking for and ask for the sales desk or go online and fill out a customer form at an e-store.


8 years ago

To order parts,
  1. Find out what you need
  2. Find a dealer (Newark, Digikey, Mouser, All Electronics, Radioshack if you are desperate)
  3. Camp out by mailbox until parts come
  4. Jump for joy when the mailman finally delivers them.
  5. Build your project
Hope I could help!

1) Make a list of things you need.
2) Find a source to get each of these from.
3) Use each sources purchasing system to buy the relevant item(s).
4) Wait for delivery, or go and collect (depending on service used).

You could have saved a few more words and asked "how parts?", or even just used one of those words.

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