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how do I report a dangerous instructable? Answered


What, no link!? I thought there would be a link to a dangerous 'ible here. What a disappointment!

In response, to your question, you can just flag it as inappropriate,and somebody on the staff will look at it.  I'm trying to remember if that form had a text field so you could explain inappropriate in what way. Or maybe there was a box for "dangerous".  Have to check the form to know for sure.

Also a while back some folks formed  a group, called the "Unofficial Safety Committee" dedicated to the topic of dangerous instructables.  It's been a while since I've heard from them, but I assume they still meet irregularly.  If you want to tell it to somebody who shares your desire to keep everyone safe, it might be someone in that group, here:

Sorry about the link thing, here is the project in question.

Thanks for your follow up. The "flag" option did not give me an opportunity to describe why I flagged it. I'll pursue the safety team avenue for sure!

I read the Instructable in question and your comment has been duly noted by the posting member. Like we said before, many Instructables involve some degree of danger even if they are done carefully or safely. The Instructable does not violate any law and whoever does the Instructable should be aware of the dangers of using the wrong filters. Many Instructables involve the use of electricity, power tools or, chemicals. If the team single out this Instructable then it will be morally obligated to flag many other Instructables for not being safe. I would simply urge the member to add a disclaimer to his or her Instructable and that is as far as you can go.

If a project is genuinely too dangerous to be attempted, then (as others have said), either flag it as "inappropriate", or email HQ directly with an explanation of your reasons.

However, as still others have pointed out, almost every project on the site involves some degree of risk - even projects aimed at young children involve items* that could open an artery, killing you within two minutes.

The author gives clear warnings of the hazards, and you have made your own opinions clear in the comments. Anybody who attempts to make their own solar filter has been sufficiently warned, and have responsibility for their own safety.

(* craft knives, if you didn't work it out)

Thanks for your response Kiteman. I suppose I've done the best i can. And thanks to all the others for your responses. They were enlightning.

You can either flag it or e-mail "service@instructables.com"

A reality is that some of the Instructables involve a degree of danger. Replicating any project requires a degree of skill. Everyone should be aware of the dangers of going over our heads. Your post does not provide enough information to know what is dangerous.

Sorry about the lack of information to a specific project. I was looking for a method to report a dangerous project, not THE dangerous project.

A link to the project is given above and my comments at the end of the project describe why it is dangerous and that no one should attempt it.

The author appears to have no experience in this field yet he describes a method that most likely will result in very serious injury to anyone who replicates it.

On the topic of danger: It's one thing to engage in a dangerous activity fully informed, trained and cognizant of all aspects that could result in injury and/or death, but it's entirely another to advocate an activity to the untrained and unaware. Kind of like giving a bottle of nitroglycerin to someone and only saying this could explode.

Thanks for your response!


6 years ago

Dangerous can be a relative thing. What is exciting and challenging to one person could be dangerous to another. Also dangerous can depend on your skill level. A table saw can be a very dangerous tool but with the right operator it can make magic happen.

Thanks for your response. Here is the project in question. I agree about danger but in this case, the dangers are not readily apparent until it is too late. And the author does not seem to want to acknowledge that he is frankly wrong. I have to wonder if he could be held liable for injuries sustained.


Sooo...is this how I report an instructable that should be flagged as extremely dangerous to any who attempt to use the results?

Lots of Instructables are dangerous, it's not explicitly against the rules. Illegal content is not allowed though and that is often the reason overly dangerous Instructables are removed. What is the Instructible is question?

If you feel that an Instructable is dangerous, you can FLAG it, and select "Inappropriate" as your reason. This alerts the staff to look at it and decide if it needs to be removed.

Make an appropriate comment to advise everyone reading it and Email the staff - see bottom of the page.