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how do i break this to my parents? Answered

I am having a hard time to get my parents to let me do home school but they say no. There are online schools witch i would be fine with, but my parents dont under stand what im going through at my school also if i went to another public school where i live i would also have a hard time. I think home school would be the best option for me,and my mom works most of the day 8am-1:30pm and my dad works 6 am - 5 pm.

any idea or advice


 so Public school?

just carry around pepper spray to deal with the bullies. it can take down someone twice your size.

thanks for all the great answers and im gonna try smoching them into 1 and try that i hope it works and again thanks for the answers

I had a very rough time in high school and used to dread going every morning. The best advice I can give you is just ignore the bullies, hang in there and do well in your classes. Try to find people/activities outside of school where you are welcomed. In a few years you will have graduated and high school won't even cross your mind anymore. Most of the coolest, smartest and nicest people I have met in life also had a hard time in high school. High school is an environment designed to let unremarkable people thrive.

Wait, what IS your problem at school?

Well, get some barbells or something to give you a workout.  In a few days, just go out and give anybody who picks on you a middle finger to flip them off.  If you workout like you should, then just beat them up but ONLY if they decide to attack.

mhm i know i can beat the sh*t out of them but like you said they MUST strike first but even some of the teachers have picked on me in the past and i went to the head hanco and told him what had been done

 It must be pretty bad if you want to pull out of school.  Tell an adult what is happening and how you feel about it.  There is lots that can be done-- like DJ Radio's suggestion--and there are other approaches.  I do science consulting in a school that help kids who have been picked on  because they are different, though very intelligent.


8 years ago

You must talk to your parents about the bullying. If they are too busy to listen, use your computer! Email them individually if this is possible.

Just work out what you feel in your heart about this situation-then put it into an email.

If you just want to be home schooled because you just like the idea,-then forget it;-it is not a good enough reason. BUT: if you feel under real threat, and in severe distress, you must get this through to your parents, at least asking for 'quality time' to discuss it.

If you are not able to do this, then search out a  kid's/youth crisis line service, and talk to them. They may be willing and able to discuss your situation with your parents if you give them permission to do so.

Don't do this any of this on a whim;- on just a wish. But definitely do it if you are reaching crisis point.

Good luck!

Almost everyone gets picked on and teased in highschool..  I can still remember the feeling of having my head SLAMMED into the metal bar on the bus seat... repeatedly...   Some people REALLY get harassed mercilessly though... way more than this.... to the point the POLICE may need to be involved.   Remember there are always SEVERAL solutions to any problem.  I know one lady who DROPPED OUT of highschool to solve the problem.  This resulted in the bullies getting an education and the nice lady had to work lowpay jobs the rest of her LIFE!!  So i think THAT is a bad solution.  I solved my bullying problem by standing up for myself, standing up to the BIGGEST bully.  I fully expected to get badly beat up, but surprisingly, he backed down! Word spread throughout the bullying community... they all prettymuch left me alone after that in highschool...but ...  I still have problems being bullied from bosses and co-workers.... It's just part of LIFE.... but I  can usually solve the problem by TURNING IT AROUND.  The bullying you get in the WORK environment is MENTAL intimidation and harassment, but it's  just as devastating.  I once had a boss criticize some little procedure i didn't accomplish, and he microscoped in on it and made it sound like my BIG PROBLEM and why cant I accomplish it as expected... etc etc... I realized he was MICROSCOPINIG onto one little aspect of the job duties.... while i performed 50 other duties exceptionally well... so i reminded him of the other 50 things i do so well, and if i only do that little thing badly, then I said, "I am a HERO, not a ZERO and I deserve a BIG RAISE!"   Thats what I mean by "TURN IT AROUND."  Put it back on them! Find a way to turn it around, but i'm NOT saying to use violence.  I stood up to that boss, and turned it around.  He left me alone mostly after that. 

It's NOT good to resort to violence because VIOLENCE ESCELATES. Harsh
words become a push....then a punch... then knives or guns might start up.
I am sure that nowadays, a school counselor would have some answers. Schools are MUCH MORE aware of these problems than when i went to school.  Dealing with bullies and unreasonable bosses is a life skill we all need to learn. I suspect there are also (anti-bully-)WEBSITES that can give you ideas  Do a search on google !  I know I am going on and on endlessly, but am just trying to get you to see THERE ARE lots of options/ solutions to this or any problem. Homeschool may not work out as your best option. 
CONCLUSION:  WRITE down 8 or 10 solutions to your problem after researching, asking adults, consulting parents, counselors and your FRIEND at school.   Then PICK one or 2 of the solutions and IMPLEMENT them.  Problem solved.

I don't think home school is the answer.  Tell your teachers about the problem.  It's now their problem and if they don't work it out go higher.  You have rights.

I was bullied thru junior high and starting in high school until I beat the holly crap out of a guy and actually was trying to seriously injure him.  Then everybody left me alone.

You shouldn't have to go that far.  You live in a different world.

Talk to a teacher or a councelor.
Talk to a teacher or a councelor.
Talk to a teacher or a councelor.
Talk to ateacher or a councelor.

Everyone has a rough time at school,  its sad but even those popular kids that you look up to have the same fears, feelings and all that crap as you do.  They make themselves feel a little bit better by picking on someone else.

Home school is not the answer.  Your best solution is to just suck it up, hang out with that one guy and ride it out, cause its a different ball game outside of public school, when the people who are creative, smart, and funny rule the world, and those who were popular still live at home, get pregnant and end up cutting your grass.


8 years ago

cyberpageman is right, you need some advice from someone who knows the details of your situation.

I was home schooled for the second half of grade school. It was fine. I had some trouble motivating myself at a that age but the experience of home schooling was really valuable.

Just make sure to have enough of a social life :) I was part of a home school group that met weekly and learned how to make things like felt yurts. I also had time to do apprenticeships with two professional sculptors and snowboard 3 days a week, and do lighting for concerts most weekends. This was all educational so I was way ahead of most kids when I got into university. You can tell that to your parents if they are worried about the future of your education.

-Rock on!

I am homeschooled and I use the online courses all the time but you do realize that some do cost a bit of money usually the better ones and what is your problem exactly??????

 What happened to make you want to get out of school?  You need to talk to someone about it who knows you and the situation.  Maybe your parents, maybe a guidance councilor, teacher, whomever you can trust and can help.

You've done lots of clever Instructables and asked good question.  You are obviously very intelligent.  Are some of the kids jealous?   

With your parents away during a lot of the day, I don't see them (or the state) agreeing to home schooling.