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how do i build a lawn power rake? Answered


YEARS ago, my father made one from bed-irons, an oldwashing machine motor, and two scrap push mowers. The brushes were made from wood and 3mm fencing wire, attached to two V belt pulleys from a washing machine..

This thing was about 4 feet square ! BOY could it cover ground - the lawn was about the size of a large Tennis court.

....and folks wonder why I ever went into engineering.....


Following from my cordless drill question above I bet one would turn a spring tine rake cylinder (you would have to make it from a hand lawn rake) and run it from a small 12 volt lead acid battery.

Given the time of year I presume you are thinking of dethatching, marketed as a power rake attachment for a lawnmower - it's a dull blade that holds 2 scratching tines for the purpose of ripping the crap out of the layered dead grass...

I wouldn't recommend making one because it involves spinning metal that could kill someone - just buy the blade.

Lawnmower is my first choice because I like the leaves to be mulched. A leaf blower is also good to use if you would rather pile them up. It just depends on what your final use for the leaves will be. If you don't have a leaf blower you can always use a wet/dry vac moter taken off the container, one side sucks air and the other side blows.

What kind of raking do you want to do?

To gather fall leaves, I generally just use the lawnmower.