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how do i check if my attiny is working? Answered

im trying to build a minipov  with this schematic, and i cant get it to work
i've checked the polarity of the leds (wich were wrong, and i turned them around) and all the wiring.
im using 3 rechargable AA's, wich give something like 3.8 V (measured)
but, the leds wont light up (i've loaded a program that should light all the leds)

how do i check if the attiny2313 is working at all?
without a scope ;)



8 years ago

Have you tried using three regular AAs instead?  3.8V might be too little for the 2313 to run on (but that depends on which version you're using).

Also make sure that you set the fuses properly during programming, especially for the oscillator.

i have the normal version, wich runs from 2.7~5.5V

and i the fuses haven't changed, so they should work right?

OK, the voltage is fine.  But yes - check to make sure your fuse settings are correct.  They will determine what clock the device uses (internal or external, and what divider to use) as well as other things like brown-out detection.  This is especially important if you're writing your own code.

Have you tried loading the default firmware from ladyada's website?  Does that work?

i havent wrote my own code, i only used the default firmware...

i always do that, and fidle around with that after i make sure it works...

OK, so you're using known working firmware.  When you programmed the part, did you do anything differently than the guide on their site?  Did it announce a successful program?

100%, no errors, etc. etc.

Hmmm.  In that case, you're down to checking for open solder joints and solder shorts.  Look carefully - some can be as thin as a hair.  Also, did you use a pre-made board, a breadboard, or did you make your own PCB?


il probably test every connection again, but i doubt il find anything...

I usually have to go over my stuff a number of times.

yeah i know XD

why doesnt anything work right away?

Because we're excited and impatient.  ;)

i found the problem. my LED's suck. i ordered some red,blue and green all from the same suplier. normally, i look at the length of the legs to see what's + and what's -, but i already clipped the legs before i did that (iknow, stupid) but then i just looked at the cones inside of em, and since (as far as i knew) the bigger cone is always minus, i just connectect it like that. however, it wasnt, the bigger cone is plus, and the smaller is minus. but here's the odd part: the blue and green LED's are the way i'd expect it to be, bigger cone = minus, smaller = plus.... stupid suplier.....

Oh, I've run in to that situation, myself! Yeah, I always thought the larger side was the cathode (minus) until I found one that wasn't. Better to look at the length of the leads (if possible) or the flattened ridge on the side. Well, I'm glad you got it figured out!

havent got time to work on it though. i figured it out after i used other's of those red led's, wich i just randomly checked the cones, after lighting them by looking at the length of the legs... pretty strange still... but that flattened side? how do you see it then?

It's pretty visible, assuming the LED has a flattened side. Some dn't have that either, LOL. Often the only thing you can do it test it with a multimeter (on the diode setting) or with a 3V button cell battery.

yeah iknow, but if you are looking at the flat side, wich side is + and wich is -?

Flat spot is -. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:LED_Labelled.svg

yeah, that must be it :D