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how do i clear a clogged bathtub/shower drain from home? Answered

Im looking for a home remedy



All the de-clogging stuff is like highly toxic and can kill so just be careful when you use it.

start by removing any visable and obvious blocks my hand or small tool.
Pour some corrosive commercial product (Drano, Mr.Muscle, etc. it will say corrosive and may have a dangerous looking hand symbol) add a little water.
Let sit for an hour.
Fill tub/shower with some water.
Use plunger to force water through drain.
Repeat if necessary.

Also if you're interested in how it all works, check out the beginning of the wiki on Drano, wow.

You can get these things called zip-its from like lowes or homedepot or any other hardware store or you can use drain cleaning chemicals. I prefer the zip-its because they are cheap and easy to use

Make a small hook out of a piece of stiff-wire and "go fishing" down the plug-hole. If that's innefective try a commercial drain-unblocker (as per the instructions on the product) L

not sure what you mean by home remedy but draino works. and if by home remedy you mean that you don't want to step foot outside your house to solve it you could try pouring boiling hot salt water down your pipes- which probably won't fix it unless it's a very weak clot. so in the end the draino will work.