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how do i connect coaxial cable to a big outside antenna? Answered

my antenna dosent have any coaxial on it at all. how do i put coaxial on the antenna


The twin lead connections on the antenna (I assume its for tv) Need a Balun. The Balun is the coax connection point.

Buy the Balun at Radio Shack or any other TV Store. Even Wal-Mart has them. I have found them in the dump and they generally work well.

What does it have? Twin leads (a pair of wires with a plastic coating)? If so, you would connect one of those leads to the center conductor of a coax, and the other to the outer ground shield.

You can't connect coax to twin lead terminals without a matching transformer. 2-3 $ at radio shack. Otherwise you loose most of your signal due to impedance mismatch.


8 years ago

The antenna should have a weather proof cable entry point, remove the cover and you'll find two cable connection terminals. Carefully strip back the coaxial outer sheath approx 2" to expose the wire braiding known as the screen. Fold the braid back onto itself to expose the centre insulated core, strip back the insulation to expose the centre signal conductor wire. Make an opening in the outer braid towards the back of the fold so as to pass the centre core through. You can now separate the inner and outer conductors. Finally twist the outer braid tale to make a connection to one of the terminals then connect the signal wire to the other. Unless stated otherwise, ot doesn't matter which wire goes to which terminal.