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how do i find recent passwords in my computer? Answered


In an ideal world, you don't.

There are various password hacks available some better than others.
As several people have already said you need to be specific about your needs, is it a Windows logon password, something for a password protected document, or a logon password for a web site? for that matter is it even your password or are you trying to do something a bit naughty :-) ?

You're supposed to store passwords in your head.
If you can't remember / remember which file you put 'em in (try searching your machine for files named "passwords"), it's tough I'm afraid.


The whole point of passwords is they are not stored (generally) -- to prevent people who aren't meant to have them from having them. A system where you can just look up the password willy-nilly is not a very secure system.

Well it depends. Is it the login passwords? Web browsers' stored passwords? etc. Please Specify.