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how do i fix linux window transparency? Answered

how do i fix Linux kolourpaint it is now all messed up. the window is semi transparent. anything in the window that is dark, the more transparent it is. i changed all my settings (anywhere i could find transparency) to opaque and nothing works i found out those change gnome. some programs are  KDE, but i cant find settings for them. my problem with this is that i cant read the top menu (File Edit View) when i try to fill in everything black, is just turns completely transparent to whatever is under that window. things that are whiter are less transparent. its not the type of translucency that turns all the window clear. just the darker stuff.

look at the picture for a better understanding. my desktop background is the Macintosh northern lights aurora. you can see the squares i painted. one is black, red, cyan, and gray. they are all transparent. especially the black one.

it seems a few other windows are the same, so it's not kolourpaint thats the problem.

update, it seems that particular KDE based windows are transparent as i describe.(koulorpaint and konqueror ) I'm running gnome (although i have ran KDE on the same mint OS,  under menu>administration>login screen )

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-max- (author)2011-05-01

ive figured out how to activate a LOT of cool animations (my start panel if transparent and when i drag windows around, the are transparent and 'wobbly' i have a cube that floats in mid space) i also have a dock and 4X3 work-spaces (expo). i have many new installed themes even some that resembles windows!

anyways, even after disabling EVERYTHING it still remains the same. also ive tried reinstalling it many times it doesnt help, it is still the same

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Burf (author)2011-05-01

i can't figure out what the heck you did to get it in that condition, but the easiest way to rectify it is to open Synaptic Package Manager, right click on Kolourpaint and then select "Mark for Reinstallation" then "Apply."
If that doesn't fix it, then go back to Synaptic and select "Mark For Complete removal", then "Apply." Once it has been removed re-install the Kolourpaint package.

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-max- (author)Burf2011-11-01

i figured out kolourpaint doesn't like being launched in a 32-bit window. so i right clicked property's to change the command to "kolourpaint --viswal LowColor". this works!

(before this, i would boot into mint 11 to use koulorpaint)

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-max- (author)Burf2011-05-01

iv tryed reinstalling it before. it wont help. the first time this happened i restarted my computer, it worked... for awhile. and went back to this.

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