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how do i flush the power steering system on a 1998 chevy pick up ? Answered



5 years ago

My car has a cooling tube for the power steering. I thought it was kind of strange that it would get that hot to need one. Just pull a hose off of it and start the engine. Mine was pretty much empty by the time I managed to shut the engine off. It's amazing how far that stuff can shoot out of that little hose.

You can see the cooler tube for mine in the first picture of step one in my instructable. Its the long loop that runs across the bottom of the radiator. It was bent from the accident so I was going to replace it. I put a bucket under it to catch the fluid. I should have put it about 10 feet away.

PS pumps and actuators shear the fluid like you wouldn't believe - which warms it UP wildly.

Dunno, don't have a Chevy pickup, but, If I had to do it, I'd remove the return pipe at the reservoir, block it off, and take the pipe to a jar somewhere safe. Then I'd fill the reservoir continuously while the return pumps out fluid into the jar.