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how do i get a knife out of a storm drain? Answered


How far down? Can you see it clearly or are other things in the way?

The other solutions -- magnets or a long-handled grabber -- sound reasonable to me. Depending on its weight, you may also want to try one of the lost-screw-retriever tools (push a plunger and small jaws at the end of a flexible shaft extend to grab what you're trying to get) -- those can't lift much, but they're made to reach into tight places.

Note: If this isn't _your_ knife, there may be a reason it's in the storm drain -- such as it having been used in a crime. You may not want to associate yourself with it, at least not until after the police have checked it out.

Make a set of long pliers - tie a length of string to the side-ways handle to pull and close them:

plumbing pliers.jpg

Wire loop or even a string noose on a long stick assuming you can see the knife.

Call the police, tell then you have found a knife that looks like it has blood on it - They will get it out for you!! :-) You might not get it back though.


7 years ago

tie a magnet to a piece of string and lower it down into the drain until it attaches to the knife and then pull it back out.

If you don't have enough control of the magnet at the bottom of a string (ie: it sticks to other things besides the knife) put the magnet on the end of long stick (doweling, broom handle, PVC pipe, whatever you have handy). If it's down too far to reach with a broom handle then you can tie a weight to the string above the magnet to keep it from straying too far.

As long as it's sticking to the knife, it should be fine. When you pull on the string, the pipe will stay put and the knife will go with the magnet.

I agree with the others, try a magnet on a string.

Tie a magnet to something large enough to reach down, stick, string, pipe, pvc, etc.


7 years ago

Magnet on a string.