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how do i get a motorcycle in the back of a pickup? Answered

what is a good way for one person to get a motorcycle that wont start into the back of a pickup if it is too heavy for one person?


You will need a pickup truck ramp, and as long as the bike is in working condition you use the bike's engine to load the bike.

thanks all. bike wont run, live in flat area, so i may have to try the come along thing. thanks for the advise.


If you have a strong sheet of plywood or some 2 X 6's around, lean them up like a ramp and push the bike up. The longer the ramp, the less slope there is and the easier it will be to get the bike up without too much effort at all. Even an old door would work for this purpose, (but its hard to know what you might have lying around). :-)

There is also the option of the come-a-long which also works for doing body work.

I've used a plank to wheel my bike up on to my verandah (3 steps high) then backed the vehicle up to the verandah and used the plank to wheel it onto the back, with a second plank to walk on beside the bike. Be careful. It's not too bad falling over with your bike. It's a lot worse falling off the truck with your bike.


5 years ago

A loading dock. Sometimes they make outside loading ramps out of railroad ties and dirt. A flat wall with the top high enough to reach the bed and a dirt ramp behind it.

ask Archimedes!

Use simple machines to multiply your available force by covering more distance; short answer: levers, pulleys, and ramps.

When we had to load a motorcycle last, we found a steep embankment that we could push the bike up the hill, then back the truck directly into the dirt so the tailgate rested on the 'ground' -- then just wheeled the bike down the hill onto the truck.

A few pulleys ganged can provide many multiples of the input force, allowing you to directly lift the motorcycle given a strong enough gantry for a makeshift crane.