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how do i get into a laptop with windows vista that has a password? Answered

I got this laptop used but i cant get into it because it has a user name password. Is there a way to open the computer up and do something to it to erase the passwords or even everything on the computer. I've tried every password recovery and password reset out there and nothing works out. Please help me cause the repair shop said they are gonna charge me 80 bucks to re-format it. The computer is a mdg vision book and has windows vista.



4 years ago

Download an Ubuntu installation ISO and burn it to a disk. Put the disk in the drive and restart the computer, follow the directions and reformat the HDD or you can install if you prefer. You can download Ubuntu here along with finding all the info you need to do the job.


Burf is absolutely correct in what he is stating here. I was also informed by a very knowledgeable networking friend of mine. He said it is the only way, the best way and it will get you back in. My friend did not indicate a format though. He said you crack in thru the password file. It will delete the password and when you start pc back up it will prompt you to establish one or change it.

Try to start in safe mode, in xp it shows the administrator account in the login that usually has no password, and from there you can remove the account's password and later change it. However, I don't know if Vista works the same way, but, again, it costs you nothing vut a few minutes.

Just replace the HDD altogether. For less than the $80 reformat you won't have to worry about any issues with the previous owners and the old drive. If you're patient you can even get a decently sized SSD for less than $80.

Using a linux distro to perform a reformat is a cheaper option if you're not worried about the health of the current disk. You can use software like GParted instead of a full linux distro as well.

Regardless of the path you choose you are going to need a new operating system. This means an unused copy of Windows, a new copy of windows ($), or linux.

Just a guess on my part, but the age of the Vista OS leads me to doubt the laptop is SATA equipped.

I was thinking that too --- in fact an SSD , but his question suggests that he might not be comfortable changing one out. Most drives are pretty easy to change but some are designed pretty poorly and require a lot more to get at them. The fact that he has no idea about formatting a drive suggest that changing one out is not an option. However --- one can always learn and that is what instructables is for.

Common passwords are:




Years ie, 1958, 1988, 2004 and so on, you should get there in under 50 tries.

Go to the person you got the computer from and ask for the pass word or your money back.

If they don't know the password it may be hot.

If you got the computer from the waist bin or some other way.

Press delete on boot up, on some systems press F1, you should get:

"Press F1 to continue boot up or press F2 to enter setup."

Press F2 and you should go right into bios.

In bios find format hard drive and format the hard drive.

In some bios you just press F1 and it asks:

"Format hard drive Yes No"

They are not all the same so you may need to diddle with it a bit.

If bios is password protected you are done at the get go.

If all this doesn't work pay the $80 or replace the HDD.



4 years ago

There is software available that can erase the passwords. It does not reset or crack them but rather deletes them to open the accounts up. It is not free software and usually the companies who make it make a halfhearted effort to sell it to only those who should be authorized to have it such as computer techs. Whenever I have someone who needs this type of thing I ask for some kind of proof that it is their computer. One of my more often customers for this was the pawn shop. Anyway, it can be done but unlikely anyone reputable will do it for free.

The most practical thing for you is to just format and start fresh. Eighty is a bit high for what is a 10 minute job at the most. But keep in mind that you will need the Vista disk to reinstall. A much better solution is to buy a copy of Win 7 home and install that fresh. Just tell it to format the drive and it will do that as part of the install process. Get a copy of OEM WIn 7 from a company like NewEgg. It runs around 100 and then you can do everything yourself. Vista is a dying OS so you really should'nt bother with it.