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how do i get my cd and dvd player on my computer to work? Answered


Did you make sure that you drivers are installed and the drive is properly connected to the computer?

Turn it on and report back to us.


I once got my lazy bro-inlaw to work by not feeding him anymore. When he go hungry he went out and got a job. Is that any help?

Please define the question better. What do you want it to do that they aren't doing now, and what have you already tried in order to make it happen?

Generally: Install support software and drivers which came with the drive, insert media disk, and either let the player program auto-launch or launch it manually, depending on which operating system you're using and how it is configured.

guessing from the cryptic keywords of 'c d v d player computer dose not come on"

makes me think its the whole computer not working :( crazy sauce.