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how do i get past my schools block?? Answered

I need to get past a block on my computer in the school, but im not sure how?? ive already tried multiple proxies, and there not doing the trick.. :( help me!!!! Please...


I got the school I help out in to unblock Instructables.

How do you expect a useful answer without telling us what is blocked and how?
("they're" not doing the trick)


Having worked in network security I can assure you that if you have a genuine need to get past a block it can be arranged through the schools network administrator.
The chances are your "Need" is more of a "Want", if you are trying to access Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or even dare I say it Instructables during the school day then it is blocked because believe it or not you are in school to learn not be entertained at the expense of the schools bandwidth.
Discuss your need with the schools network administrator or whoever is in charge of the schools IT policies.
If you have no joy there & still feel you have a genuine need then you could approach the head if the department that this need arises through; for example if you are being blocked from certain art sites that have nude paintings & the block is because of nudity then the site in question could be set up as an exception in the schools firewall but you would have to get the head of the art department on your side.
If you still have no luck but disagree with the decision you could bring it up with your school council or PTA,.
Believe me if you have a genuine need then you are far better off going down the official path & having the block lifted that way than to use some kind of backdoor through the block, the simple fact that you have to ask on here tells me that you don't have enough knowledge of networks to cover your tracks & I can assure you that YOU WILL BE CAUGHT if you try to hack the network.

No you don't need to - If the need was great your school would recognise that and give ou the necessary permission,

If they won't then the need is just yours so get stuck into your studies and start thinking of your future rather than your now!

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