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how do i help my 3 rabbits goin after each toher? Answered

i have 4 rabbits, all females we are 99% sure we have had them for a year and about 3 months, they live in a large hutch outside with a large run space. after a while Chippy would tear out the others fur, i thot it would stop but i didnt so we separated her.now the other three are toether and they are humping each others face, when one is laying down one will come up put their nose under the others crotch and make the one they are biting get up. when they dont hump the others face, they hump like normal but hold on to who ever their humpings fur and then tear it out when they are done. i think its maintaing dominance but it keeps going on....through out the after noon they will die down and not do it to each other. (the 3 run in the run area during the day and at 5pm i put the 3 in the hutch and let chippy run until about 9 then put them all in at night, chippy goes in his own area closed up on the top of hutch other 3 on bottom half.) dureing the after noon till about 3 or 4 the are totaly chill with each other. they lay with one another, clean each other, etc. 
Should i just wait for them to pick a dominant or is it more serious... 
summer is comeing and we are going to get chippy his own hutch and split the run in half so all 4 of them can be out 24/7 and have more room. 
Will it get better when they arent in side all night, is that the problem?? 
Please help i dont know what to do!

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iceng (author)2013-04-06

As long  there are two males the will try to castrate one another.

Separation is the only way.  Sometimes rubbing Noxzema into their nose 
would work over night..


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four bunnies (author)iceng2013-04-06

there arent any males though, their all females and if they were trying to castrate one another, woulndt they be screaming in pain..?

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iceng (author)four bunnies2013-04-06

The are animals, they are telling you what they need ......... A Male !!

Get one that will be shooting blanks.

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