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how do i inbox people? Answered



I'm assuming that you want to know how to send a message to someone?

If that's the case, and you want to message "member0001" you would click on their name (which takes you to their page), and then on the left side below their member image and info, you'll see a button that says "Private Message". If you click on this button, you can send the member a message that only they will see.

If you have mail, you'll see at the top of the Instructables Page next to "you" there is "inbox" and a number next to it. If it shows "0" you have no new messages. If it shows any other number, then you have messages to read.

Hope that helps.

how do u even click on their names?? WHEW! i am so confused!

If you look at your name, you'll see that it's orange. (That's the link color used at Instructables). If you click on it or any other members username (that's the orange link color), you'll reach their page. Follow the rest of my directions and you'll be able to send a private message (PM).