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how do i increase the memory on my usb flashdrive? Answered

I have a 128 mb usb flash drive without having to going out and just buying one.


As a temporary measure, you could zip the files before putting them on the flashdrive, unzipping them back onto the hard drive when you need to use them. You could even put the zip/unzip tools on the flashdrive, and write a pair of small batch files which automate unpacking the drive to a directory and then packing that directory back onto the drive.

How much space that would gain depends on the files. Compressed files like MP3's or compressed JPEGs can't be compressed much further; text files usually compress by 30% or so.


7 years ago

open the drive look for the ic. on the other side of the pcb there should a small area where another ic can be soldered onto. i don't really know how to do it but just like re's said it can be doable but not practical at home

Not practical I'm afraid. Your controller is unlikely to "see" bigger flash chips, and besides, soldering the VERY fine pins is extremely tricky without equipment and/or a heck of a lot of practice

. +1. My guess is that if you could solder well enough to follow Re-design's suggestion (which, as he points out, is not very practical considering the price USB sticks), you wouldn't be asking the question. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out the individual RAM chips cost more than the assembled USB sticks (similar to cell phone batteries).

replace it.

The likelihood that you can do so is pretty small at best and minuscule in practice.

They were just giving away a 4G or 8G stick at the local Microcenter. (I don't recall which it was and don't really care...the point being, they're cheap)

Google it and look at places like "hackaday.com".

I've seen several construction articles that do this starting with a very small drive and doubling the capacity by piggybacking another chip to the existing chip. It's not just that easy but sometimes it's doable.

But... it's not a practical project. Way too much work just to get double your drive space when you can get an 8 gig drive for $20 or less.

But as a learning experience it's tremendous!

You can't it's a physical arrangement. There may be data compression methods that will allow you to store more data but that's not making the drive larger.