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how do i install a covert cigarrette ligthter in a car? Answered

I'm looking to install a cigarette lighter in a truck for constant power source for a covert gps. I don't want it to be visible, therefore i don't want it to be connected directly to the car battery or anywhere it can be seen under the hood. Is there a way to connect it maybe to a brake light without interfereing with it's operation, of course. Or any other way is fine. Incase anyone is wondering, it is my car, but other people drive it besides myself. Thanks.


You want to track the other people using your car? If you're hiding this you'll need it to have a line of sight out of the vehicle (enclosed in metal wouldn't be good). Perhaps your most covert option would be to bury it in the dashboard, if you can find a way to access it in there? Plenty of power supplies to tap under there. L

Yeah, long story. My teenager uses the car most of the time. Anyway, I know there are lots of power supplies under the dash board, but how do I actually install it? I know nothing about wiring, except the same colors go together. and i want to make sure it's safe. thanks : )

Assuming you can get into the dash, you should be able to locate the feed to the cigarette-lighter socket quite easily. Cut the wire, splice in a new wire with a crimp-connector (I'll try to post a picture). The ground connection will be similar but may just be attached to the metal bodywork. Phone-chargers that run from 12V cigarette-lighter sockets are cheap and easy to source, hook one of these up to the new wires you've spliced-in.
Stash the device under the dash with a clear "view" out the windshield: imaging that the dash' is effectively as transparent as the windshield in terms of the mobile data signal.
(Make sure the ring mode is switched to silent)



There's a permanently live feed on the radio connector, if its an ISO connection.

I'm not sure what kind of connection it is. it's tracking through a cell phone. thanks: )