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how do i invent a new game? Answered

Please give me some ideas to invent a game or a puzzle which uses geometry....


You could get Source codes for pre-invented games, and edit the code (via C++ programming) to suit it to whatever game you are trying to make. Just saying, this is hard stuff, I'd stick to click and drag or basic flash. Try "Gamemaker".


9 years ago

There is this really good free programme for kids, which you can download for free. This would be handy if you want to create a computer game. It allows you to create surprisingly complicated games and has a brilliant website which you can upload your games to so people can play them. It also allows you to download other peoples projects and edit them to create your own version. I found this tool really easy, with no need for programming expirience or anything, its all laid out via drag and drop! Se www.scratch.com to find out how you can download "Scratch" for free.

You need to learn a programming language suitable for creating games (Flash?), but after that it's up to your own creativity.

Not if it's implemented in hardware! Like... wood. No programming required!

The basic things you need (this is in addition to what those guys suggested)...

a game mechanic - is it a board game, what do the players do, move, attack, build, etc. In what order do things happen.

Starting conditions - What does the player build from?

Winning conditions - What makes a player win v. another player (or the clock, or certain conditions, like solitaire)

You need those

Whether it's a board game, a computer game, a computer board game, or something else entirely, game design takes some thought. Making a game that is interesting, fun to play, and can be played again and again is much harder than you might think.

If you really want to get into the business of creating games, I would recommend very carefully studying resources like the following links over the course of a few weeks. You will need some very patient but brutally honest play-testers and a lot of experimentation before you get it right for even a simple game.

On the other hand, if you are just trying to slap something neat together for a school project due next week, maybe just spend a few hours looking over the links.