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how do i keep my face clear and zitless? Answered

im in high school and i think i take REALLY good care of my personal hygiene, but every now and then i get a HUGE sucker zit on my face and i cant look in a mirror without it lookin back. i really want to have clear flawless skin cuz i am a teenager and gross zits just arent attractive. ANY ideas of what i can use or do???



8 years ago

There are three factors: genes/inner health/and hygiene.

The last two you can influence.

Hygiene: use clean hands to wash your face. Nothing else. Always rinse in COLD water-summer OR winter. This closes the pores and prevents any infection getting in.

Finally never, EVER dry your face on a towel!! It is used for hands,-and hands may not be properly washed. Always pat you face dry with tissues.


 Good genes ;-)

Replacing your pillowcase with a clean one frequently helps more than you might expect. Even as a adult, I find that if I get sloppy about that my face reminds me. Ditto washing your hair. Scalp to pillow to face means extra oils.

A very hot washcloth (as hot as you can make it short of it hurting) can help open pores and clean things out.

Unfortunately, being a teenager does mean your body chemistry is going to be just plain weird for a few years, and for most folks that does mean a few zits -- at just the time when you're most paranoid about your appearance. The good news is that most of your friends (and the people you want as friends) have the same problem and may be more sympathetic than you give them credit for... and that it tends to solve itself in a couple of years.


8 years ago

to keep skin clear, you need to live a healthy lifestyle. Drink lots of water, eat a balanced diet and get enough exercise.

when i was in highschool i took zinc daily...it seemed to help keep zits from forming

Welcome to puberty.

Plenty of scrubbing, and use products with tea-tree oil.