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how do i keep one of my to female dogs from being mean to the other? Answered

i have two female dogs one of them is very sweet and wouldent hurt a fly but the other one gets very jealouse and nips her and gets on top of her and bites her...the one thats being hurt is ver skidish and when the dog nips her she tuckes her tail and walks of how do i stop this because i love them bolth and i dont want to get rid of either of them.   !!!help!!!


An opinion;
You need to hit or kick, or otherwise beat the "bad dog" when she is doing this. If it is being physical to achieve a social-position then it will appreciate the same type of physical-conditioning.
Some people would argue against this as being cruel, but that is what one dog is doing to the other and you are (for the moment) letting that happen by not stopping it.
Don't injure the dog, but be sure to hurt it when it is attacking the other one.


well she isent really hurting her just being very doninate......i would never hurt an animal but belive me i did a few times get very mad because they got in a fight for the first time the other day and i held her nose real tight and said no then she hid under the table the skiddish one bit her and hurt her head but right after she licks her for ever and tries to compfort her ,she never likes to hurt any one so any time the mean one would nip her she would lick her or come to me to make her go away.

It's tough sometimes to look at animals as animals (rather than like children) - no one should injure an animal, but appreciate that a bit of pain works for conditioning. Biting their neck (gently) from underneath, I am told is a way to dominate dogs, and licking is something else (which I don't like).


also please dont kick dogs or cats because ther ribs are not vey strong and if they break ther is very little chance it will heal but poping on the nose is good it worked on my other dogs just not thise one she is to hyper to train :)

tell her to quit being a bi***! ha!
get a rolled up newspaper and swat her on the bum or nose.

The newspaper is more of a noise deterrent than pain. You dont want to use your bare hands because then she will associate your hands with hitting her.

You have to be the "alpha dog" and be firm.

lol its funny bucause the one thats being picked on is a big dog and the one thats picking on her is a small terrier....it may sound wierd but we scare her swat her with news papper,sprayed her with a spray bottle and nothing works right after we do any of those things she emediately goes back to jumping on her....she never hurts her though,its just sad because i cant pet my dog cause she will push her out of the way and jump on my lap.

Watch Dog whisperer. Watch a lot of it.
You need to be the boss.
She thinks shes the boss.


5 years ago

We had a female yellow and she was a life long grouch and bit enough
to get a second name of FLUFFY ala Harry Potter...