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how do i know if i really love my bf? Answered

i know i do but how do i explain how i know to him and why does he have to be so confusing please help i know because he is all i think about all day and when i a with him i am always happy but how do i tell him with out sounding cheesy or creepy.


i agree with shiwilliams. if u are in love u just know it.

The fact that your asking means you probably don't.. not that you don't like or care about him, but if you have to ask.. love is something you just know..

Emotions are not measurable or provable. If he demands you prove it, that's probably a good indication that you shouldn't get too involved with him. HOWEVER: Beware of confusing loving someone, being in love with someone, and being in love with the idea of being in love. Many folks hurt themselves a few times before they learn the difference. If you wouldn't be able to deal with him saying "That's fine, but I'd like to just stay friends", you don't love him; you're in love with him... and being in love is a temporary thing. ALSO: Be very aware that he's under no obligation to feel the same way about you. Demanding that he do so can scare him off. Don't crowd him, and don't let him crowd you. If it's meant to be, taking your time about it won't do any harm; if it isn't, taking some time will let you discover that before you hurt each other. Thinking about nothing but him is infatuation -- being "in love" -- rather than love. Good indication that you need to take a deep breath and take a bit more time.

First decide why you need to know.
  • Are you planning to have a romantic relationship for some months or years and then be friends?
  • Are you planning to marry him?
  • Do you just want him to have a good life, whatever that means for you?

Then decide what kind (or kinds) of love you mean. Consider the emotions and the actions/plans separately.

  • Is lovesickness involved? The body systems turned up and down should be easy enough for him to see, if he knows what to look for.
  • Is there somewhat longer-lasting romantic attachment?
  • Is there unselfish love? (You want what you know is best and right for him, even if it's not what either of you feel that you want.)

how long were you in love with him. Your brain has a way of tricking you into thinking what love is. Its natures way of trying to get you to breed. Wait a couple years before you do something crazy like buy a house or something.

that's like asking how to define love. oh wait, it is. anyway, tell him that you know because you care about him more than yourself, and would be willing to do anything for him (within your personal moral values, of course). that's a pretty big statement, but that's what love is. unless that's not true. then go with kiteman down there.

Just tell him you love him. If he wants to know how you know, just tell him "because I know". If that's not enough of an answer for him, ask him why he wants to question your love, but be prepared for a less-than-perfect answer.