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how do i know which is better ? Answered

i want to build a automated hidden ipad stand drawer for the dash of my car and i cannot find any good plans or tutorials on the internet can anyone help ?


Its difficult to answer your question...

Do you want a tray (drawer) to open that will only hold your ipad, or will the tray store your ipad as well (like a CD tray)?

How much room do you have in dash to work with??? Have you checked? If there is no place to house the drawer and mechanism AND not interfere with other wiring, airbags etc, then it may not be possible. From what I've found, there is usually very little extra room to be found within the dash, and probably not enough for a tray that could hold your ipad.

Since we don't know anything about your car, its hard to say "if" its possible, and then "how" you should go about this. :-)

id like to do this with a ipad mini which i measured should fit in above the radio. i have a space of 6" width and 10" depth with a modified dashboard. even just a link to a diagram to get a motor to run with a push of a button to retract and open. im just not sure what to look for thanks for the reply

The dimensions are going to be really tight to work with. The ipad mini is 5.3 inches wide and 7.87 inches long, so that doesn't leave much room for a drawer to hold it and to allow for the mechanism to open and close the drawer...

If you think it can work, check out this website where they created an in-dash motorized ipod tray. The info should be somewhat helpful in designing something a bit larger.

Ironically, a Florida company has already installed the first ipad mini into a car dashboard... They didn't utilize a drawer function, but what they achieved is pretty darn cool, so you may want to check that out as well.

thank you for the advise the moterized ipod tray should work with a bit of tweeking. much appriciated !

You're welcome. And don't forget to document your project and post it here as an Instructable. If it gets featured, you'll earn FREE Pro-Membership and then you can download pdf's/epub's of any project from this site (as well as a few other perks). :-)

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I find it hard to believe you have really begun to do a fair search of instructables in one day..