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how do i make a brushless motor out of a dc motor? Answered


You can't- its inside out. In a BL motor, the COILS are static, and the magnets rotate - in a standard PM DC motor, the magnets are fixed and the coils rotate.

It means that I agree with what "he" said.

Topology is the study of the shape of things. I think tSteve's comment about it being "topologically impossible" either refers to the fact that you'd have to make the motor's inside and outside and outside trade places; i.e. move the coils to the outside (fixed stator) and move the magnets to the inside (rotating rotor), or it might refer to the fact that if you remove the brushes from a DC motor then there is no longer a path to conduct electric current into the rotor windings.  Then how do you power the windings?

Either way you'd kind of have to just build a new motor, and that's more than just a "mod".

THat's right. I didn't realise my vocab was too complicated...


No, its inside out, its topologically impossible.