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how do i make a column with concrete? Answered

molds, iron/wire gauge, how deep I must sink them in the dirt (semi-soft soil) and how it is supposed to be the foundation. Also the "specifications" for the concrete like which and how much sand and gravel to use with the cement note: they must have out side the ground 3 to 3,5 meters in height, that is about 10 to 12 feet in height


Home Depot or Lowes has Sono Tubes for pouring concrete columns. I might add the sono tubes make great reflector telescopes too !

you could buy a cardboard mold and for how deep it should be it should be 2-3 feet under the ground for that height above ground

It all depends on where you live. You need to factor in temperature (year round), for frost-heave (freezing ground will push anything shallower than x out of the ground slightly, and repeatedly until it fails), the weight it needs to support (for width, and how much steel reinforcement you need. The mix will be a standard concrete mix. Basically - you need to talk to a local engineer or architect or inspector who can tell you what you need. You'll need a building permit. Lastly - You get the cardboard forms from building stores. (home depot, rona, etc) They come in various lengths and widths.

Don't forget-is it supposed to be a support structure or stand-alone? How large a diameter? Hollow or solid? What shape (round, square, Romanesque, Egyptian, natural stone...)?

I think architecturally is more important than aesthetics to begin with - most support beams can be fitted with facades to make the effect you want.

A 3-3.5 meter stick is going to be difficult to put a facade on if you don't plan in advance, and it sounds like it might be for a freestanding object rather than part of a larger structure.

indeed! - @op: Details please!