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how do i make a simple electric energy savingcomponent? Answered

Well I'm in the starting process of a project on a Technical school in Denmark. we've been given the task to create a simple electric component which will lower your consumption of energy. it is to be inserted in a house, car or other often used placed. (sorry for my poor English, you may comment on that to ;D) Thanks Bjarke

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11010010110 (author)2009-03-02

switch - it saves more energy than any timer computer power supply 5V usb charger (wire the 5V standby wire of it to a usb socket). computer power supply is a switching power supply and way more efficient than stndard power blocks that plug into the wall. when in stand by it has only a tiny bit of it working (the stand by part) which uses very low amount of energy

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NobodyInParticular (author)2009-03-02

LED lighting is a great way to use energy more efficiently.
General use lightbulb
Decorative lamp

Even better is using timers to avoid unnecessary use in the first place.
Water heater timer

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