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how do i make a static electricity dicharger wrist band? Answered


Second Swishercutter's advice. A trick I've seen is to make the wristband itself out of the metal-bead chain used for lamp pull-cords (and sometimes for keychains); again, run a wire from that to at ten-megohm resistor and from the other side of the resistor to ground. To avoid static going the other way (from the widget through you to ground), you may want to also set up a worksurface such as a baking tray that is similarly grounded through a large resistance. In general, circuitry is a lot less sensitive to static than it was a decade or two ago, and I tend to be pretty cavalier about this. Then again, I've had my hands on and in circuitry for decades now and haven't killed anything yet with static. (Overheating, writing backward, shorting out, and tripping over, on the other hand... Not usually all at once.)

well thnx for the name i was trying in vain to find but btw these sights only tell me where to buy it I want to make it .. any Ideas?

. Try changing +DIY to something like +howto (or +"how to"). Changing "ESD" to "static" may help.

Connect a metal plate to an elastic wristband, attach 10M ohm resistor to the plate, connect wire to the resistor and connect the wire to a ground point (i.e. 3rd wire ground, cold water pipe, etc). It will work without the resistor but you run the risk of being shocked, it limits the current in case you touch a live circuit.