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how do i make alice in wonderland meets the wall by pink floyd stage props? Answered

i am having a pink floyd inspired fashion show in a 3,000 square foot ballroom any ideas on how to make the venue become a magical psychadelic world,like im trying to make things oversized and make a mad hatter tea party waht do u suggest decorating with



7 years ago

wow i thought i was the moron...n e ways if u synch alice in wonderland with atom heart matter you might see what pf was trying to tell everyone,,, enigma solved done@!

i suggest you read the electric cool aid acid test and learn to make punch and copy what they did but as one guy suggested use echoes or atom heart for the soundtrack.

I don't know if it's too late for ideas but we just did an Alice party for our daughter, I posted pictures, maybe you can get some ideas from them. Carboard, paint, butcher paper and tissue paper can go a long way! We made oversized flowers, grass and mushroom and caterpillar as well as the mad tea party, painting the roses red scene and a tree with the chesire cat standing on his head.

I think iPodGuy hit it on the head. (I have design sets)  The atmosphere of bubbles and smoke machine will definitely add to it. (or added to it since this is almost a year later) Just remember that Pink Floyd was meant to be heard while your stoned. They wrote their lyrics stoned. So a trippy Alice in Wonderland works in with Floyd perfectly.

The Wall and Alice just don't go, at all. The Piper at the Gates of Dawn perhaps, read the book, read the lyrics - what images come into your head? It has to be a work of your own creativity, for which you need to "get into" Alice and Floyd. No one else can realise this for you - and that's as much help as I can offer.

Best wishes for it


. Ummagumma is pretty trippy and, as a double album, might last through most of the show.

Yes, but I think Gnomes and such better fit with Alice. Trippy I know...


(wish I'd got more stuff off audio tape before the player died)

 i personally would go for echoes, instead, IMHO it's more moving theme, and i feel that it would provoke more of an atmosphere along with lights and slow dancing people and smoke and the coldness of the unknown with the echoes of the distant shore still humming in your brains, Anyway i luv the floyd :P

We didn't find out what they did use, but another good suggestion.


You coukd do everything by lights abd lasers. naking normal objects not seem what they are by casting shadows, chairs could look large etcl

Big mushrooms, the caterpillar smoking a hookah, smoke machine, bubble machine, different color lights that turn on and off. strobes, tornado, playing cards, the crazy queen...... Seriously though - if you play The Wall with an Alice in Wonderland theme, people are going to look at each other and say "WTF". Go with Dark Side of the Moon. Ummagumma & Piper were good suggestions, too.

Wait a minute! A tornado is from Wizard of Oz! Check out the Surrealistic Pillow album by Jefferson Airlplane, too. White Rabbit - all about AIW.