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how do i make an electro laser or a microwave beam for a science project? Answered



8 years ago

Here is a picture of a microwave beam generator a friend built in the 1980's. This kind of thing is quite dangerous from both the high voltage and RF level standpoints. There was a special demo, at a computer security conference in Dallas TX, where it crashed a desktop computer from across the room in front of a small audience, and there was a web page for that event, but it's been gone for some 8 or 9 years. There is no schematic or other details but since the pictures show no cover plates on the thing, called the "Hootennanny MK II", it would be almost obvious what was done by anyone qualified to even try it. http://www.montagar.com/~patj/uwdew.htm I would comment that tuning the waveguide stub, with a piston made of bent metal, was a very interesting procedure as it was done with the rig hot by directing the energy toward a bank of flourescent lamps as a tuning indicator and a few sparks did fly from the back of the stub. Don't do this kind of project for a science project, really soneone will probably get hurt even with the best intentions; people like to touch things and flip switches they know nothing about.

microwaves are rather unsuited for beam weapons if your talking about the one in your house. you would need a infinintly large radar dish or horn antenna for it to be a perfect beam it would also be undectable... i took a microwave apart and made a microwave gun and it had a 2 foot wide horn antenna and it projected a "flashlight" like beam that spread out rapidly. larger antennas create a more refined beam but drasticaly decrease power... you would need a maser whitch costs tens of thosands of dollars and makes a laser like beam of microwaves. also the microwaves transformer puts out 2100 volts half rectified at 1.5 amps and if you touch the output in any manner all your nerves will die and mucles wont work ie your heart and lungs stop and you lay on the floor for 15 minutes helpless and fully aware until your brain dies. as for the electrolaser you either need a HUGE laser bigger than the ones that cut steel in factories which cost millions or a 100+ watt deep uv laser which still costs hundreds of thosands in funds. the microwave gun in the begining you are refering too is easy to make i can post a schematic if you want but you need to create a metal horn antenna.

so what about this. Is there any way I can run long pieces of lumber through my microwave (thus heating it) while still containing to radiation. I'd like to bend wood.

Unless you have millions of dollars and a team of engineers and physicists working for you, you don't.

Ask as many times as you like, it's still not a DIY project.

Don't be such a downer, I'm working on something that could profitably retail for $100, being built on an incredibly tiny budget with quite a few parts that can be sampled for free, and has an almost identical product that is being sold for more than $600 and was funded by DARPA. The idea is not crazy complicated either, in fact, I will probably put up an instructable on it once its out of beta.
Bottom line is, if you have an idea, go for it, unless it takes incredibly cost prohibitive that you can't lie, cheat, or steal for(if thats the case, try it through a university or recognized laboratory)

If you can Macgyver up an electro-laser out of an Altoids tin and a broken CD player, I'd love to see it. Until then, I'm standing by my earlier comment.

I might be able to do it if i had a laser cutter, a box of optics, some metalized and about 25 microwaves instead of a CD player as raw materials if you wanted any distance to speak of.

Well, collimate the microwave beam, but it still wouldn't be a maser(microwave laser), it would be like making a flashlight of sorts out of a microwave.

not the best idea but take the magneto from a microwave and turn it into a "magnogun!" not sure how you would test it but hey.

This is a stupid idea. Anyone trying it is likely to get hurt seriously....

it takes all kinds of people to make the world go round and do you know that for sure dont follow my ideas exactly and maby it would work for cooking a peice of meat in a metal box (basicly a microwave with the magnotron outside the microvave its self pointed through a hole in the side of the microwave) it could even have its own fancy box with flames on it.

just kinda bord  +)

A good start is a solid base of reliable research, then come back with a refined question that hits on all the necessary points if you haven't figured it out or accidentally killed yourself by then.

Also you should start off with something simpler and less fatally dangerous to get your feet wet with.

.  Your vague question tells me that you are not ready to try building either project - you do not have the prerequisite education and/or training to do either safely. Find projects that you are more familiar with or have much less potential to harm yourself or others.

If you don't know, I would advise you make something else.