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how do i make high rise jeans ultra low rise? Answered

taking down the waist a few inches how would i do that? full instructions please :}



8 years ago

Ultra low-rise??

Just get rid of the top part, and tie each piece of leg around same with a piece of string.

Big problem with doing it yourself is that even though you can trim off the excess material pretty easily, just by having a friend draw the cut-line for you, the waist can't be sewn back on, since it's made for your waist instead of your hips, so it won't be wide enough...

So unless you know how to make a new waist to sew into the new hipline, you're kinda screwed.

Which is why it would be too much work, and that's ignoring the issue of pockets, zippers, buttons/snaps, etc.  Readjusting just the waist wouldn't be SUCH an issue, but throwing everything else in is what makes it a nightmare.  The whole thing would have to be disassembled and restructured with uncertain results.

Ah yes...the zipper. I meant to mention that. Even replacing a zipper on a pair of jeans is a complete mind-"funk" to me...I've done it successfully...once.

but you're right...absolutely right. A lot of work.

(although I figured with ultra low rise jeans, there'd be no room or reason for pockets, since I would expect the goal would be the view., rather than functionality. )

Y'all rally thank ays a rayd bludded merkun ima tell a gal not to try?
<wiggles eyebrows suggesively>


Not so much the view but the issue of fabric used up in making pockets for the original jeans, not inserting new pockets into the ultra low-rise jeans because that would be silly.  Giving the illusion of pockets would be enough if it weren't for the issue that the original pockets would mess with the material to use.

Zippers, denim, 'nuff said.

Step 1 - Shorten the legs by about 5"
Step 2 - Put the jeans on. Stop about 5" lower on your hips than you usually would.
Step 3 - Go to the store and buy a real pair of low-rise jeans.

Yep, you can find jeans that just barely make you legal to walk outside so long as you don't ever bend over or sit down.
That would require A LOT of work if you want them to fit properly.  You'd save yourself a lot of time and frustration by making a new pair and following instructions on how to lower a waist line.

Seconded:   the obvious answer is scissors, but they wont fit, look good, or stay on...