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how do i make my guitar sound? Answered

how do i make my guitar sound like other punk/ hard rock bands. i heard i need a desotrtion pedal. tell me what to do with one ime new to guitar what is a destortion pedal any way also my guitar is a fender starcaster if that helps. what i mean is i play the notes right but it isnt sounding the same so help if you know what i mean.             guitars are frusterating little things arnet they.



8 years ago

not exactly, each effect pedal has an input and an output, you simply connect the pedals using small cords. You have to play around with the order in which you connect the pedals to get the sound you want too.

google guitar pedals and look at punk slash hard rock pedals but to play with one you have to be good

Unless you can really play pretty good then you're just wasting your money.

But if you can the search "guitar effects".  You will find lots of sites that help you build your own effects.  Even if you don't want to build your own what you are looking for is the mp3 sample pages.  Thats where they have mp3's of what the effect sounds like.  That will let you pick what sound you are looking for.

Sometimes it's not the effect but it's the amp.  I hate to admit it but they really do sound different.  And the guitars sound different also so it's not just the effect you're looking for but a conglomeration of all of it.

Research the sound you are looking to play.  Then work on your technique.

Good luck.